Congratulations to our 2014 Champions
Sarah Whitaker


Suburban Super Stock
Stephanie Getz
Metro Super Stock
Cailey Bozic

Haley Haley All-American 1 Heat Winner

Suburban Stock
Amy Getz
Metro Stock
Kendra Vandever

Haley Haley

National Top Points Earner
All-American 1 Heat Winner

Full Results

Congratulations to our 2014 Rally Champions

Haley Aull --- Masters
All-American Challenge Champion

Sarah Longfellow --- Masters
Nick Probst --- Masters
All-American 1 Heat Winner
All-American Challenge 2 Heat Winner

Marie Fahey --- Super Stock
All-American Challenge 2 Heat Winner

Megan Gongaware --- Super Stock
Emily Harmon --- Super Stock
National Top Points Earner
All-American Rally 6th Place

Kayley Long --- Super Stock
Dejah Myers --- Super Stock
All-American Challenge 1 Heat Winner

Alexis Sklack --- Super Stock
Christian Viering --- Super Stock
All-American Rally 7th Place

Cheyenne Wilt --- Super Stock
Danielle Wilt --- Super Stock
Logan Gongaware --- Stock
All-American Rally 9th Place
All-American Challenge 3rd Place

Nicholas Gongaware --- Stock
Makayla Herrle --- Stock
Dylan Theisen --- Stock
All-American Rally Stock Champion